Landcare in Victoria: Community Participation and Perceptions Research

Final Report (2008)

This report presents the findings from a research study examining perceptions of, and potential future directions for Landcare in Victoria.


Landcare in Victoria: Community Participation and Perceptions Research - Download (1.9 MB)

The research is designed to provide critical guidance on the Volunteer Recruitment Initiative, a four-year project led by the Department of Sustainability and Environment with the aim of promoting new Landcare groups and growing Landcare for the future. The findings presented herein are based upon feedback obtained through both qualitative and quantitative research.

The qualitative research phase comprised ten in-depth interviews with the State’s Regional Landcare Coordinators and nine focus group discussions with Landcare members and non-members, conducted in April / May 2008. The qualitative research was to gain in-depth insights and understandings. The quantitative research comprised a telephone (CATI) survey of 360 members of the general community (in both metropolitan, regional and rural areas of Victoria) and an online survey of 127 Landcare members, to measure sentiment. The quantitative surveys were conducted in July 2008.