Welcome to the first edition of ‘Farm Talk’, a bi-annual publication of land health and sustainable agriculture activities in the Corangamite region. Farm Talk aims to inspire local land managers by showcasing the fantastic and innovative work being done in the region to enhance our soils, water and vegetation.

This publication was originally developed by the Upper Barwon Landcare Network in response to the need for local, timely and relevant information to help land managers make decisions on the environmental and agricultural health of their land. Funding from the Australian Government has enabled us to broaden the audience of this publication to the Corangamite region.

Agriculture is the dominant land use of the region, with approximately 3,500 diverse farming businesses operating across three quarters of a million hectares, and soils underpin the health of all land-based natural resources in the region.

In this edition we focus on rabbit control and the opportunity the release of the new calici virus in March 2017 will provide farmer in the region if they work together to reduce this significant pest. Follow up baiting and harbour destruction is essential to take advantage of the impact of the virus and the information in this magazine provides leads on how to get involved.

Farm Talk will also shine a spotlight on our soils, with regular features on our most important asset. Enhancing the soil builds resilience and profitability in our farming businesses. There is no shortage of innovative and inspiring practices farmers are adopting to improve the soil. These actions are supported by ongoing research and investigations that reveal more about our soils, where the challenges lie and what to do to improve them.

Finally we feature some information about a new planning process the Corangamite region is introducing that will change the way you as landholders can register projects that you want support for.

Thank you to the National Landcare Programme and our Corangamite CMA Land Health Program for enthusiastically supporting Farm Talk and Mandy Baker from the Upper Barwon Landcare Network for taking on the publication role. I trust you find it valuable reading.

Alice Knight, OAM, Chairman, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority.


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