Southern Otway Landcare Network

Our purpose

Network established 1997

The Southern Otway Landcare Network (SOLN) is a grassroots community organisation dedicated to protecting and restoring our environment so that we can live, work and find joy in a healthy, productive and balanced environment. Located between the iconic Great Ocean Road and the beautiful cool temperate rainforests of the Otway...

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Our committee

Jack Pascoe
Mikhala McCann


Oliver Kerr
Landcare Coordinator

Landcare Facilitator Contact

Sophie Radalj
Landcare Facilitator

Postal address

69 Nelson Street, Apollo Bay

Regions we're part of

Region 1


Apollo Bay Landcare Group

The Apollo Bay Landcare Group includes the valleys of Skenes Creek and the steep and spectacular Wild Dog.

Hordern Vale Glenaire Landcare Group

The Hordern Vale Glenaire Landcare Group extends from Lavers Hill to Cape Otway.

Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group

The Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group includes the settlement of Marengo and half of the township of Apollo Bay.

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Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events.

Past events

Group event Event ended 20 Jul 2011

Agriculture Field Day

The Southern Otway Landcare Network (SOLN) invites you to attend our FREE Sustainable Agriculture Field Day.

Group event Event ended 20 Jul 2011

Dung Beetles Alive!

The Southern Otway Landcare Network (SOLN) has been lucky enough to obtain 3 colonies of the winter active dung beetle...

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Group news and project updates

News, 29 Aug 2016,

School Tree Day and National Tree Day a “Smashing” success!

Once again Landcarers have proven they are made of the right stuff coming out in force on what was a...

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Restoration of the Barham River National Tree Day Aug 1st

The restoration of 1.

News, 29 Aug 2016,

SOLN Wins Award

SOLN Wins Corangamite Regional Landcare Network Award and Spurge Purge Action Group (SPAG) Wins Coastcare Community Group Awards.

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Barham River Festival Draws Big Crowd

More than 400 people enjoyed the inaugural Barham River Festival at Apollo Bay on Saturday 28th February.

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Purging the Spurge for Coastcare Week

Many thanks to all those who helped purge the spurge for Coastcare Week.

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Community Planting at Wild Dog Creek Sunday 22nd June

The Apollo Bay Landcare Groups restoration of Wild Dog Creek has reached the next phase.

Our network is here

Apollo Bay, Victoria