Rabbits attract 90 landholders at Freshwater Creek

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Over 90 landholders within the Surf Coast and Inland Plains Landcare Network (SCIPN) came from Connewarre, Bellbrae, Mt Duneed, Moriac, Modewarre, Torquay and Freshwater Creek to learn all about rabbit control and management last Friday night.

 SCIPN Landcare together with the Surf Coast Shire, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority, Torquay Landcare Group and Lake Modewarre Landcare Group facilitated a packed information session for landholders at a commercial farming enterprise in Freshwater Creek. 

Throughout the mild summer evening, techniques such as warren ripping, bait laying, fumigation and warren destruction were demonstrated. 

On the night Cherie Mordue, (SCIPN Rabbit Neighbourhood Group Facilitator) encouraged landholders to undertake a six step program;

  • talk to neighbours to co-ordinate control works,
  • plan your rabbit control program,
  • assess the density of rabbits,
  • lay pindone carrot bait,
  • burrow fumigation &
  • warren destruction.

Most importantly she encouraged those who attended to work with their neighbors as rabbits simply don't recognise fence boundaries!

To enquire and become involved in your neighbourhood rabbit program please call SCIPN Landcare at Modewarre Landcare Centre on 52661707 ASAP.


Remember 6 rabbits eat the same amount as one sheep!