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You are invited and welcome to attend the Maude and District Landcare committee and general meetings.  We try to schedule them every two months.We meet at the Maude Tennis club rooms. During daylight savings time the meetings start at 8 pm and during non daylight savings months we kick off at 7.30 pm.  Notice of our meetings is provided through email contact. 

The format of the meetings generally follows usual committee routines of a review of previous minutes, agenda items and general business followed by a cuppa and social chat about what is going on our properties, in our district, and in our region.  From time to time we have guest speakers and welcome ideas for future meetings and projects. 

Whilst committee meetings are not for everyone, we hope all our members can come at least once a year and show your support to the core committee that keep things afloat and accountable for the group.  Meetings also provide an opportunity to tap into a wealth of local knowledge and experience about sustainable farming, education and funding opportunities, and best landcare practices in your local community.

Meetings for 2019:

21 February 8pm

11 April 7:30pm

20 June 7:30pm

15 August 7:30pm

17 October 8pm

12 December 8pm

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