SCIPN Wildlife Card Collection & Original Paintings For Sale

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SCIPN Wildlife Cards feature fauna of our region. Each card tells the story of one of our native animals. Illustrated by local artist Mark Trinham.

We are fortunate to still have a variety of birds and animals along the Surf Coast and in the surrounding farmland.  This is due largely to the variety of ecosystems, from the Otways in the west to RAMSAR wetlands to the east.  Each provides vital feeding and breeding grounds.  From small areas of bush in the upper catchment, creeks flow through farmlands, wetlands and estuaries to the ocean beaches fringed by dunes and heath.  There are only small remnants of original habitat, which has largely been cleared for farming and the rapidly growing coastal towns.  These areas will need special care to ensure that the birds and animals illustrated in the cards survive into the future. Most are along creeks, roadsides and beaches, or in steeper farmin country.


Please Contact SCIPN on 52 661707 or  to purchase collector cards or find out more about original wildlife paintings.