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The demise of Landcare Co-ordinators

Landcare Co-ordinator Greg John, with all his insights, practical skills and capacities for the implementation of landcare, is no longer available to property owners or community groups in the district.  Those of you who have had the good fortune to receive his advice and assistance will be sorry to hear this.  His job with the Surf Coast and Inland Plains Network (SCIPN) could no longer offer him the income security he needed for his family. Funding from the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CCMA) is not being made available - from core funds - for the employment of Landcare Co-ordinators. Eight CCMA Co-ordinators from CCMA, so far, have had to seek employment elsewhere as a result of this bureaucratic decision. 

Armed with letters from supporters, Greg called on Federal Member of Parliament, Darren Cheeseman, to try to influence the government to open career paths for those with Landcare skills.  

Out of this could come something positive as community groups involved with Landcare in the region met with Darren Cheeseman MP, at his request.  He was interested to hear from the community groups involved in Landcare and to hear the issues of concern.  He met with us at the Modewarre Landcare Centre on May 21.

Torquay Landcare Group regrets Greg's loss and that of other Landcare Co-ordinators in the region. 
We wish him well in his new job with Barwon Water.