Marvellous Mushrooms



Coastal Forest Lodge, Forest Road, Bellbrae VIC



L Evans

Alison Pouliot asks
What are all those fungi doing out there in the landscape?
How do they help ecosystems function?
How do we differentiate the desirable from the deadly?

This workshop introduces participants to the diversity, ecology and curiosities of the Kingdom Fungi, specific to fungi found in the region but also within wider Australian and global contexts. It includes an interactive session on the basics of fungus identification where participants will get to handle, examine and identify various fungi, followed by an exciting foray to search for species of interest.

Limited to 20 participants.

Morning tea and lunch included

This forms party of 'The small things within the big picture' a successful application in the Victorian Landcare Grants - 2021

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Coastal Forest Lodge, Forest Road, Bellbrae VIC