Transforming Weeds in East Gippsland


Transforming Weeds After Bushfire - Download (1.9 MB)

This booklet will assist landholders to identify and make decisions on the most appropriate treatment options for a variety of weeds and native species that were abundant in the East Gippsland area after wide-spread bushfire. These weeds are often also prevalent after other forms of ground disturbance.

Thanks to funding by the Victorian Government through the Biodiversity Bushfire Recovery Grants Program, EGLN has put together a 28 page booklet that provides landholders with practical advice and guidelines to allow them to make informed decisions on:

*The identification of plants that thrive on fire-impacted or otherwise disturbed ground

*The prevention of infestation

*Developing strategies and plans to enable effective weed control and follow up.

Importantly, this booklet not only looks at invasive weeds, but also discusses the importance of native pioneer species that can be mistaken for weeds when growing in abundance after fire, but actually have an important role in natural regeneration.

This is a companion guide to 'Restoring our Landscape: A Basic Revegetation Guide'.