Not just a shelter belt… Making more from trees on farms



1475 Hensley Park Road, Hamilton VIC


Michelle McClure
0488 600 692

Farms are complex environments with many differing soil types, water capacities and terrain. Through experience and technology, we are better understanding our land, its uses to be more productive and profitable, and where trees fit in that landscape.

Join Southern Farming Systems members and local farmers for a workshop focusing on ‘Making more from trees on farms’ on Tuesday 22 May 2018 at Jigsaw Farms, Hamilton.

This workshop will cover:

• How can trees impact farm production?

• What tree species best fit my situation?

• Do risk profiles change with having trees on farm?

• What tax-breaks and other financing options are available to cover costs?

Presenters include: James Castley (Sinclair Wilson tax accountant), Mark Wootton (Jigsaw Farms), James Stewart (Vickery Bros), Keith Cumming (Arborline) and Lisette Mill (Basalt to Bay L andcare Network)

For more information or register, please contact:

Michelle McClure on 0488 600 692 or

(Please note: This workshop was rescheduled from Thursday 8th March 2018) .

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1475 Hensley Park Road, Hamilton VIC