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141 Lismore-Skipton Road, Lismore VIC



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PPS has been conducting an annual farm tour to a member property in winter for the past 4 years. This year sees a date change and it will be held on Sunday February 25th at “Titanga” near Lismore.

“Titanga” is a large grazing and cropping enterprise owned by the Lang family and managed by PPS member Stuart Robinson. Members will be able to inspect the 1,500 Ha of phalaris based pasture as well as lucerne, sorghum, fodder rape and tillage radish which provides for Titanga’s 17,000 sheep. A large cropping enterprise is also conducted on the property.

It will be a 3.30 pm start and will conclude with a complimentary BBQ in the historic woolshed; BYO drinks & chairs

The event is supported by Glenelg Hopkins CMA through the National Landcare Programme.

***Note: if February 25th is a TFB day for the Western Region, the event will be postponed to Sunday March 4th.***

Event files and flyers

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141 Lismore-Skipton Road, Lismore VIC