Pick My Project - Grange Sculpture Trail

‘Grange Sculpture Trail’ will connect the Hamilton community to its greenspaces – the Grange Burn, to improve community well-being and liveability. This project will include track improvements, beautification and landscaping with native plants. The walk will benefit from a sculpture art trail representing local animals (platypus) and culturally significant features of the river and Lake Hamilton.

The project will work with multiple agencies across health and environment, local government, Traditional Owners, schools and community groups with the works catering for all ages and abilities. This project was rated as a high priority at the recent South West Regional Assembly.

As more of our communities understand the mental and physical health benefits of connecting to green spaces, more effort is going into developing infrastructure such as walking tracks and other recreational facilities to improve community well-being and liveability. The project will also have flow on benefits to the environment and local tourism. It will meet the needs of recreational users (of all ages and abilities), local artists, Traditional Owners, schools and community groups. The project builds on the success of recent improvements to the Grange Burn which has received positive attention from the community. 

To visit the Pick My Project site and vote, follow this link: https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/rounds/pick-my-project/ideas/grange-sculpture-trail

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