Red Gum Festival



Cavendish VIC


The Cavendish Community are very excited to be hosting the inaugural Red Gum Festival from the 13th -15th April 2018

As part of the event, the Red Gum Festival Development Group are aiming to provide the local community and visitors with a broad range of red gum and environmental-related information, advice, opportunities and the chance to connect with relevant groups and organisations such as yours. 

We will be hosting two forums during Saturday involving guest speakers who will be discussing (amongst other things) the health of, care of and regeneration of the red gums, their indigenous cultural connection, and the benefits and inclusions within farming businesses. They will also be exploring the many ways the trees impact on our lives and environment.

Throughout Saturday we would like to offer an area for you and your group to display, connect and showcase your work to the general public. The day officially runs from 10am – 4pm, followed by an evening of music, featuring Neil Murray, and an opportunity to network with fellow presenters.

Our event is here

Cavendish VIC