Survey - Planning for Better Bushfire Management

Forest Fire Management Victoria - Grampians Region, in consultation with the Melbourne University, has developed a survey to help understand what people value when it comes to managing bushfire.

They are now calling on the public and our stakeholders to complete the survey. This information will be used to help inform the strategic bushfire management plan for the Grampians region.

To have your say, go to:

(Please allow 10 minutes)

This community feedback will ensure that the values and objectives underpinning fire management are shared by the broader community. The information provided will assist in the development of bushfire management strategies that reduce the risk to those things people value the most.    

This information will be used to inform long term fuel management delivery, targeted community engagement activities, and prioritisation of government resources for the Midlands and Wimmera Districts of the Grampians Region.

This approach allows bushfire management efforts to be directed to areas of greatest risk, including identifying the most effective places to target fuel reduction. The new strategies will guide bushfire risk reduction on both public and private land across the Grampians, into the future.