Tree Planting Day


618 Falkenbergs Road, Wannon, Victoria



0407 507 575

Hamilton to Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group will be hosting a Tree Planting day overlooking the Wannon River

This is very pretty scenery overlooking the Wannon River. Children and beginners of all ages most welcome. There is a job for those adults who are less mobile such as putting sticks into the milk cartons which assists those who are planting.

How is the planting done?

There is a team making the guards up which consist of milkcartons which require 2 sticks to slide down beside the cartons where there are holes already made in each carton.

There is a team with hole diggers who make the holes. These holes are done where the grass is visibly sprayed. (easy peasy)generally in a straight line 3-4 metres apart.

Next team is the planters who follow the hole makers placing small trees into the hole and pack the soil around.

Next team follows them with the milk cartons which are placed over the tree and 2 sticks either side of the cartons are forced tightly into the ground.

The planting is on Saturday September 23rd at 09.45am.

To follow there will be a free sausage sizzle at 12.30pm.

Bring your own hat, gloves and water.

Thanks Rowena 0407 507 575, or if directions are needed ring Hamish on 0437 078 709

Our event is here

618 Falkenbergs Road, Wannon, Victoria