Women In Agriculture – Pasture Production Workshop - Hamilton



Hamilton VIC


Michelle McClure
0488 600 692

Although women 23% of farms in the Glenelg Hopkins CMA region are managed by women and women are the co-managers of 70% of farms, less than 15% of attendees at farm extension events are women. Glenelg Hopkins CMA is working with Southern Farming Systems to close this gap with a series of workshops tailored for women in agriculture.

Workshops on Pasture Production will be held at Lake Bolac and Hamilton, on Wednesday 18th April (Lake Bolac) and Thursday 19th April (Hamilton) from 9.30am to 3.00pm (lunch provided).

Lisa Miller, from Southern Farming Systems, and local agronomist’s will speak at the Pasture Production on: Pasture species common to the local area and pasture and grazing management.

For more information or register, please contact:

Hamilton - Michelle McClure on 0488 600 692 or mmclure@sfs.org.au

Lake Bolac - Annie Armstrong on 0419 313 798 or aarmstrong@sfs.org.au

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