In June 1986 the Girgarre Salinity Study Group was formed by a group of farmers who had experienced high watertable and salinity problems surrounding the present day Girgarre Evaporation Basin. In March 1989 the name of the group was changed to Girgarre - Stanhope Land Protection Group Inc. With the emphasis on total caring for the land. This meant it became the first irrigation district based Landcare Group in Victoria.Members are mainly irrigated dairy farmers and a few graziers. Through membership there is an increasing public awareness of salinity I the district. District farmers are encouraged to develop whole farm plans, laser grading, install ground water pumps, and get involved in tree planting.Funding obtained over the years has seen a number of projects undertaken. These include:? Revegetation of the disused Railway line from Girgarre towards Rushworth, creating a corridor of green.? Development of a 7 hectare demonstration site adjacent to Bonlac Stanhope, incorporating laser grazing, sowing of deep rooted Lucerne and tree planting.? Assistance with the construction and maintenance of an 8km long community drain (1990).? Electromagnetic survey conducted in 1993, which led to the installation of a public groundwater pump.? Co-ordinator Grant obtained for 3 year (1993 ? 1995) providing for the employment of a facilitator one day per week.? Production of a bi-monthly newsletter distributed to 325 households.? Production of a brochure promoting the group?s aims and objectives.? Salinity grants obtained to fund flights over the district highlighting land degradation to farmers, business people and politicians.? LEAP unemployed labour project over 6 months involved in fencing, tree planting and educational courses.? Hosting of tour groups at the Evaporation Basin, utilising the information shelter constructed by the group displaying Landcare and salinity posters.? Lauderdale Environmental Activity Partnership ? with the Stanhope Primary School and the community, which involves 1 hectare of trees owned by the education department.? Salinity grants to teach salinity and Landcare to Primary Schools in the Shepparton Irrigation Region.? The goal of the group is to maintain the momentum and to continue to encourage Landcare in the district.Current Projects include:? Working with the broader community with plantings.? Railway line revegetation continues? Awareness of weeds? General Information nights? Recycling? Awareness of incentives for farmers.