Talk on Indigenous Plants of Merbein Common between Wentworth Road and Whiting Street. Followed by half an hour of pothole filling.



Murrayview Court and Whiting Street, Merbein Victoria, Australia



Gerard Doorakkers

We, Yelta Landcare, are your small local Landcare Group and are commencing a small project where we are topping a track leading to the existing Merbein Common Link Trails. The Track and new Pedestrian Entry Maze start to the East of the Power Poles at the Whiting Street end of Murray View Court, which is off Chaffey Street.

We have obtained a Grant which covers the supply and spreading of the Track Topping and purchase of the Pedestrian Maze. We need volunteers to help fill pot holes, clear back encroaching vegetation and remove old barbed wire along the new and existing track and help install the “Mega” maze. All, of course, within Parks and Cultural Heritage Permit guidelines and observing OHS and soil and plant wellbeing.

MEETING: 9:00 a.m. Saturday 18th January inside the gate beside the power poles on Whiting Street.

TALK TOPIC: Introduction to the Plants of Merbein Common (area between Wentworth Road and Whiting Street).

This will be followed by half an hour of pothole filling (byo tools if possible).

Yelta Landcare Group Inc. Enquiries: Gerard 0417302757