Baranduda Bird Survey Field Walk

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Report on the bird survey field walk at the stringybark block on Nov 1 2008 led by Bernie Datson

A small group of BLC members got together on the morning of Sat Nov 1st and within 1.5 hours compiled an impressive species list including the birds listed below:

Click on a bird name to see a photo by BLC member Neville Bartlett or go to a website with more information on the species - or click here for more photos of the bird survey at the Stringybark block

  1. rufous whistler
  2. grey fantail
  3. white throated tree creeper
  4. white throated warbler or gerygone
  5. galah
  6. australian raven
  7. blue wren
  8. weebill
  9. mistletoe bird
  10. grey shrike thrush
  11. eastern yellow robin
  12. white winged chough
  13. australian magpie
  14. yellow faced honeyeater
  15. brown headed honeyeater
  16. striated pardalote
  17. white plumed honeyeater
  18. striated thornbill
  19. black faced cuckoo shrike
  20. wattle bird
  21. scissors grinder or restless flycatcher
  22. speckled warbler
  23. sparrow hawk
  24. sacred kingfisher
  25. crested shrike tit
  26. magpie lark
  27. white faced heron
  28. jacky winter
  29. willie wagtail
  30. kookaburra

We also had a quick look at the planting that was done on this block in Winter. Thanks to the Datsons for sharing their joy of and expertise in birding at Baranduda.