October 2013 plantings

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A description of reveg activities on the Middle Creek near the bicycle bridge on October 13 2013

Juliette, Peter and Nicholas (and Judy - Pete's mum) and Chris and Christine and I planted:

  • Approx 35 Apple Box, Blakely's Red Gum and (only a few) Yellow Box adjacentto the Bike Track to: Help provide native overstorey competition to the Phalaris dominated (long grass) site and begin to establish a tree corridor.
  • We also then planted about 15 Lemon Scented Gums to reinforce the fantastic tree corridor avenue either side of Ellen McDonald Drive - adjacent to the BLCare planted WREN reserve'
  • Chris, Christine and Glen finished off planting 15 or so shrubs into theBaranduda Boulevard beds (that BLCare planted many years ago) either side of the Verbena St entrance.
  • Photo album here


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