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Baranduda landcare members reporting sightings of native birds

All photos by BLC member Neville Bartlett

BLC Member Glenda Datson wrote

"Whilst checking the Willow removal on Middle Creek yesterday we found Speckled Warbler and Red-capped Robin and heard a Babbler! As light was fading we didn’t have time to track it down. Maybe the one you saw at Killara last year Ian?"

 Neville Bartlett replied

Found this guy near the bridge on the bicycle path across Middle Creek (Kiewa Valley Highway).
I presume that it is a Golden-headed Cisticola.
Later we went to the spot where the willows have been removed on Middle Creek near Baranduda Boulevard but did not see anything unusual.

Glenda replied "I have seen and/or heard this bird right along Middle Creek, generally always in very weed sites e.g. Paspalum, where it is has been notoriously difficult to see it. So, heard at Whytes Rd, Kiewa Valley Hway and seen at the end of Boyes Rd.  Happy birding and great photo Neville.  By the way, besides the Red capped Robin, 4 Robin species were seen at Middle Creek, ie RC, Yellow, Scarlet and Flame."


You can find out more info on this wonderful bird at the birds in backyards site