She-oak Plantings 2009

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Glen Johnson reports on revegetation of the northern slopes of the Parklands Albury Wodonga part of Baranduda Range in 2009

Following last Sunday's AWMTB trail walk Chris Peter and I re-positioned guards and stakes (wind blown or kangaroo dislodged) on the two She-oak (Allocasuarina verticillata) plantations of 2009

Overall I'd say 80% survival (extremely good).  We observed no particular advantage over the hessian weed mat compared with no weed mat.  One thing we'd suggest in future is to make sure stakes are not banged in too far (guards are able to slip out of the top notch).  I know there's normally an imperative to have the stakes in far enough that they don't get knocked over by roo's.  A dilemma of sorts.

Anyway despite lots of browsing, something that will continue for years to come with roos, the protection of the main stem & base in guards should see the majority of those alive currently survive into the future.


You can view a series of photos taken by Glen Johnson in this photo album