Animal Nutrition & Drought Feeding



Hilltop Hotel, Day Avenue, Omeo VIC



Lisan Lee

An invitation to land holders to come together over lunch and discuss the complexities of getting livestock through winter.

Landcare, Agriculture Victoria and Omeo Rural & Hardware wish to invite you to a luncheon at the Hilltop Hotel on Friday 15 June from 12:00 pm.

Lunch will be provided by Omeo Rural & Hardware. Over lunch, Fiona Baker, David Huggins and local land holders will discuss Drought Feeding and Animal Nutrition, based on our local needs.

Fiona Baker, Beef Extension Officer, from Agriculture Victoria, will discuss the key components (energy, protein and fibre) of feed being offered to livestock; how the components impact on one another and influence how much an animal can eat and; how well they perform on the feed and the key points to think about when deciding on a ration to feed.

David Huggins, Ridley’s Nutritionist for Gippsland, will work through maintenance feeds for beef and sheep to maintain body condition in dry seasons when pasture sources fail. He’ll include pelletised grain supplements, explaining their value for money and will look ahead to Spring.

The results of the local Feed Tests will be provided and summarised to better understand its quality, nutritional value and how it’s meeting our animal’s needs. We will have time to discuss how you are planning to get through Winter and how to make the most of Spring.

        This invitation is open to land holders, family and friends throughout the High Country and Tambo Valley.

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Hilltop Hotel, Day Avenue, Omeo VIC