Plum Tree Removal

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The Shire this year commenced a plum (fruit) tree removal program from roads close in to Bethanga which included roadside pickup of fruit trees removed by residents from private property within Bethanga. This year’s program cleaned up the first section of Martins Rd. The trees were heaped in the Bethanga Recreation Reserve to be burnt.

This program will be on going for 2 – 3 years with the intention next year to complete Martins Rd to Martins Tk before moving to the Talgarno and Tallangatta entry roads on the east side of Bethanga.

Planting along these roadsides as we clear them will be needed. Maybe this should be done as a joint community effort or even in conjunction with the local school but only after any blackberry and fruit tree regrowth has been adequately treated. Tentatively some planting could be done next spring although additional cleanup may mean it will be held over until winter 2014.Lyn Coulston has been consulted about what species could be considered and the preference is probably natives that will attract wildlife, particularly birds.