Wangaratta area Beefcheque Yr 1

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Wangaratta area

Staring late April

·     Helping you to develop a more productive, more profitable and more sustainable beef production system

·     Helping you with cost effective drought recovery strategies


  • Growing more grass to make more money
  • Pasture Assessment & benchmarking
  • Cattle condition scoring
  • Soils and Fertilisers
  • Pasture and grazing management options 

BeefCheque is about growing more grass, utilising more grass, growing more beef (or lamb, mutton, wool)  and ultimately making more money. 

The program is run on-farm over 8 sessions from April to November. 

Beefcheque is very practical, run on-farm and responds to seasonal conditions.

In Year 1 – participants learn principles of pasture and livestock interaction, and these principles become the basis for improved pasture and livestock management in the future.

 The Wangaratta group aims to have around 12 members and will be facilitated by

Cheryl Graham (Farminganswers, Milawa). The group will have access to Technical

Specialists who provide advice in areas such as fertiliser application, soil fertility, feed

budgeting, actions and strategies to optimize pasture growth and how to manage

your way through abnormal conditions.

 The program demonstrates how to integrate management activities, make the most

of resources and increase sustainability of your farming system.


  • ‘I am now much more confident with the decisions I make’
  • ‘It’s great seeing each others farms and learning from each other’
  • ‘I have a much better understanding about how pasture grows and now use
    rotational grazing across the farm’
  • ‘We have increased our stocking rate by around 40% in the 3 years
    we have been doing BeefCheque’

There is an opportunity to attend BeefCheque Year 1 in the WANGARATTA area. The cost is $295 per participant.

For more information contact Cheryl Graham, Milawa, 03 5727 3931


 Dani at the RIST Centre on 03 5573 0943

People who successfully meet the assessment requirements of this training course can receive accreditation for the following competencies:

BeefCheque Yr 1 

RTE4011A Manage pastures for livestock production

RTE4913A Analyse and interpret production data