List of Speakers available for Ovens Landcare group meetings

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An updated list of potential speakers at your meetings. A new addition are contact details for the Rural Skills Connect (Northern) initiative, which aims to:

> Engage rural people who have a range of skills considered a priority for
regional economic growth, but for which formal recognition of these skills may
not have been obtained.
> Link appropriate employment and associated training opportunities to rural
farming workers, owners, operators and direct farm sector service providers,
who have the skills to meet those needs.

What are the benefits to industry?
Available to local industry, it will provide:
> Access to a job-ready and experienced local labour pool
> Transitional training support; and
> An opportunity to assist the surrounding rural community in a tangible way.

Who is eligible in the farming sector and what are the benefits?

This is a free service available to rural farming workers, owners, operators
and farm service providers. It can offer:
> An opportunity to participate in an individualised skill assessment,
> Access to subsidised, targeted training opportunities; and
> Access to flexible employment opportunities that seek to balance on and
off-farm employment options.

Which industries are eligible?
A wide range of industries in the North East are eligible to participate in the
project. Occupations to be focused on within those industries will include,
but not be restricted to:
> Welding > Transport
> Retail > Mechanical/Machinery Operation
> Manufacturing > Forestry/Agriculture
> Hospitality/Tourism > Construction/Building
> Aged Care/Community Services > Clerical

Name Subject area Business Name Specialty Area
Richard McTernan Aboriginal heritage North East CMA Indiginous heritage, community perspectives 0428 683 878
Kevin Atkinson Aboriginal heritage Bangerang Cultural Centre-Shepparton 0429 -311023
Rochelle Johnston Aboriginal heritage Aboriginal Affairs Victoria Legislation, aboriginal heritage framework 57227113 0428 991825
Philippa Noble Agro forestry Department of Primary Industries Farm forestry/ eucalypt /firewood/sawn logs 0409 964 283
Dr Grant Richards Animal Health Parasite Diagnostic Services Parasites -Sheep cattle horses goats alpacas 03 57 621515
Dr Richard Evans Animal Health Warby Street Veterinary Hospital Large animal topics 03 57 217177
Trevor Makin Animal Health Department of Primary Industries Govt vet. Animal health, NLIS, Equine flu 03 57 238600
John Ryan Animal Health Department of Primary Industries Govt vet. Animal health, NLIS, Equine flu 03 57 238600
Jerry Alexander Biodiversity/PPA Department of Sustainability/Environment Forest Interface / Native fauna/ fox conrol 02 60437900
Sue Berwick biodiversity/PPA Department of Sustainability/Environment Restoration and Revegetation 02 60437900
Sarah Kelly Biodiversity/PPA Department of Sustainability/Environment Regent honeyeater/Bird surveys/Remnant Protection 57238600
Nikki Scott Climate Change Greenhouse Alliance Wodonga Energy saving, alternative energy sources 0408 - 171267
Traci Griffin climate Change Rutherglen Research Institute Agricultural contributions to greenhouse 0427 313151
Robert Doolan Drought Centrelink Access to councelling, financial assistance 0418 596 010
03 57234345
Rom Reilly Rural Skills Connect  - Indigo Shire Recognition of Prior Learning for farmers 0408 288 003
Towong Shire/ Alpine- Kiewa Accreditation, training
Greg Laidlaw Rural Skills Connect  - Wangaratta, Alpine Recognition of Prior Learning for farmers 0418- 225271
shire- Ovens Accreditation, training
Ian Gamble Pastures Department of Primary Industries Lucerne, perennial pastures, native pastures 03 57238671
Kylie Mcreadie Salinity Department of Primary Industries Surface water, Ground water, bore monitoring 02 60437900
Kristy Youman Soils/WFP Department of Primary Industries Soil health, structure, acidity, erosion 02 60437900
Greg Johnson Weeds/foxes Department of Primary Industries Serrated tussock, garden escapees 0427 788474
Weedspotters - support to groups/individuals
from DPI
Simon Brown Workcover Worksafe General Farm Safety 57218558