July 2012 - the WULN story so far

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Two public meetings have attracted a variety of groups interested in being a part of a Wodonga Urban Landcare Network. Ideas generated through these meetings, with the work of the WULN Interim Committee, have been formulated into Values, Vision and Mission statements, and a governance structure is well under way. Following the upcoming meeting on July 18th, it is expected that the WULN will have clear strategies and actions to begin work on.

On Wednesday 23rd May this year representatives of 14 organisations concerned with the Wodonga environment met to share ideas on the form and function of the fledgling Wodonga Urban Landcare Network. Participants brought enthusiasm and support from groups ranging from schools and TAFE to Rail trail advisory groups, sustainability, Landcare and Friends groups.

The meeting generated a range of ideas about the roles the WULN might take. Some of the important principles put forward were stewardship, advocacy, inclusiveness, sharing resources between groups, supporting each other, working on a landscape scale, sharing appreciation of our unique environment with the broader community and offering opportunities for involvement.

A second meeting, held on June 27th, affirmed and consolidated the ideas gathered into statements of the Values, Vision and Mission of the WULN, as follows:


  • Respecting the individuality, autonomy and aims of member groups and individual members,
  • Inclusiveness; taking a whole-of-community approach and providing opportunities for all community members,
  • Philanthropy; sharing experience, information, time¬† and resources,
  • Commitment to partnership and collaboration,
  • Commitment to lifelong learning and empowerment,
  • Effective use of resources,
  • Recognising and celebrating achievements,
  • Transparency and accountability,
  • Decisions that provide for future generations,
  • Pride in community and environment; a sense of place.


Our vision is of a biodiverse, connected and sustainable landscape, supported by an integrated community approach.


WULN supports, inspires and brings together a network of active steward groups that work effectively and co-operatively with all stakeholders to enhance and protect the environment of the Wodonga municipality.

We exist to:

  • promote appreciation and awareness of our environment,
  • support the growth and sustainability of member groups,
  • facilitate partnerships and a whole-of community approach,
  • act as a catalyst for change,
  • facilitate landscape scale plans and projects,
  • broker opportunities for environmental benefit
  • plan strategically together for broader outcomes,
  • advocate for member groups and the environment.


Drawing on the Vision and Mission of the WULN, we see six major roles which define our goals as an effective Network: Local Group Facilitator, Community Catalyst, Project Manager, Broker, Strategist and Advocate.

At our next meeting, we hope to consolidate our Goals and Strategies and plan our Actions as a Network.