Soil Health Field Day



St Arnaud Community Resource Centre Inc, 85 Napier St, St Arnaud, Victoria



Kevin Spence
0408 353 966

Healthy soils are essential to support productive agricultural industries, contribute to food security and deliver soil related ecosystem services. They are essential for healthy plant growth, human nutrition, drinking water filtration and a landscape that is more resilient to the impacts of drought or flood.

For farmers or rural property owners soil is their most valuable asset. It provides structural support, water and nutrients for plant growth. Understanding soil types, applying the appropriate management practices and monitoring soil quality are all important steps in protecting and enhancing soil health.

This Soil Health Guide for north central Victoria is an easy-to-read, practical guide to assist farmers to manage and improve their soils. The guide provides information to help identify possible soil health issues using nine simple visual tests conducted in the paddock. The tests are cheap and easy, and can be undertaken using home-made equipment such as wire quadrants.

The guide aims to complement laboratory test results, providing real-time information on a soil’s physical, chemical and biological characteristics.

The Soil Health Field Day, presented by the North Central Catchment Management Authority, Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network and St Arnaud Hills Landcare Group, will cover
- When to test
- Choosing and using your equipment
- Selecting test sites
- Carrying out the nine soil tests and how to score them
- What to do improve low scores

The Field Day will feature special guest speaker, Dr Helen Hayden, Soil Microbial Ecologist from Agriculture Victoria. Helen will discuss how to improve the biological activity in your soils essential for healthy soils and sustainable production.

Field Day will commence 10 am Monday April 3rd at the St Arnaud Community Resource Centre, 85 Napier St, St Arnaud
Following the introductory discussions and morning tea, participants will car pool and travel approx. 7 kms to Greg and Leanne Fithall’s property at Moolerr for a practical demonstration of the guide and its tests.
Scheduled end is approximately 1 pm.

For more information and to RSVP, please contact Kevin Spence
Facilitator, Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network
0408 353 966

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St Arnaud Community Resource Centre Inc, 85 Napier St, St Arnaud, Victoria