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Planting at the indigenous food and fibre site

We have about 400 plants to go in at the Indigenous Food and Fibre site.  We've had two working bees there and planted about half of the plants.  We want to finish most of them on 8 August so that they are well settled before the weather warms up.

The job is a bit tricky because the soil is not the best, so slowly, slowly does it ....  It is important to get some friable soil around each plant, and to remove enough rocks so that the stakes can go in straight.  We expect each plant to take a while to get in properly.

Regular attendees are invited to come about 9.15 am to help get things organized.


You can park on Happy Valley Rd close to the intersection with Verlin St, and then walk 100m along the walking track.Crossing the creek may be tricky, with a couple of options:

•    there are some useful stepping stones, but gum boots (if you have them) might be helpful; or

•    instead of coming along Happy Valley Rd, you can take the highway towards Melbourne, then take the first track left after crossing the creek and park behind the houses - you can walk down a steepish grade and approach the planting area from the south.


Bring your own mask, cup, drinking water, gloves, etc. If you wish to, bring your own morning tea or bring something to share (under COVID-safe handling). We do hope to have some Matthew scones (if permitted).


As per usual practice -

•    don't come if you have any COVID symptoms,

•    obey social distancing and wear a mask if required or if distancing is a problem;

•    sign in by emailing us at the address above

Our event is here

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