Castlemaine Landcare Group Working Bee


Happy Valley Road, Castlemaine VIC

Habitat for Bibron's Toadlets

Come to the Bibrons toadlet area - head out Happy Valley Rd, and park just after the short section of divided road.

This is where we improved the habitat for the endangered Bibrons toadlet, but the habitat now needs some maintenance - mainly weeding and gorse removal.  This is not very exciting, but it is necessary work.  Bring brush-cutters and weeding tools (although, as always, we have quite a few tools to share around).  We will send 3 or 4 brush-cutting people to another spot - details on the day.

As always, wear stout footwear and gloves, sunsceen and hats.

Morning tea will be provided.

Our event is here

Happy Valley Road, Castlemaine VIC