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Gerry Egan

750 plants to be added to previous plantings along Moonlight Creek

Sunday 30 July is National Tree Day, our BIG planting day of the year.  

This year we have a planting site on Moonlight Creek,  downstream of Happy Valley Road.  There will be signs on the road on the day.  We expect to have about 750 plants to get in the ground.

The public planting will begin at 10 am.   It would help if CLG members could arrive at 9 am to help set things up.

There will be a BBQ lunch.  If anyone wants to bring some biscuits or a cake to share, that would be nice.

Please bring gloves, planting tools and mash hammers for stakes (good idea to color-code them with some tape so you don’t lose them).  Wear strong footwear and dress for the weather - the planting will continue whatever the weather.

The following planting tips are important:

  1. Plant deeply - make sure there is plenty of room in the hole below the plant for the roots.
  2. Backfill and press soil down well – it helps moisture retention and resists plants being tugged out by rabbits
  3. Make sure stakes are put in well clear of roots
  4. Leave tubes on top of stake to indicate they need to be watered in – then remove once watered.


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