National Tree Day in Castlemaine



Colles Road, Moonlight Flat VIC


Christine Kilmartin

Building habitat along Forest Creek

We will be planting about 600 plants along Forest Creek to continue to build up a corridor of overstorey and understorey in an area where previous industrial and agricultural activity has reduced native habitat. We aim to have very high survival rates of plants by preparing sites beforehand, but weeds continue to threaten both plants and the few existing native grasses along the track. Some sections of this planting will be along slightly steep banks of the creek but most is on relatively flat ground.

Ultimately, we hope to increase the chains of ponds along Forest Creek and reduce the effects of the gravels and sediment coming downstream from historical gold mining in the hills nearby. The current plantings will contribute some shade to the creek itself and to its riparian surroundings and build habitat for birds and insects.   We aim to put in 600 plants plus some direct seeding if conditions are right.

Meet at the corner of Colles Road and Farran Street at 10zm.  The work site runs along the creek.  Signs will be up to show where to go.

Lunch will be provided by the Castlemaine Lions Club, who will provide hot soup and sausages.  All are welcome.

Our event is here

Colles Road, Moonlight Flat VIC