August working bee: Plant out along the creek


Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group

Come along and help us improve some platypus habitat!

We’ll be working just downstream from where the treated sewage is discharged, so along here, the creek is year-round habitat for platypus.  Although we can't directly improve the water quality, we can improve the condition of the creek-side habitat and this will improve the food supply for platypus and other aquatic species.

Our 2016 planting here fared poorly after floods two days later drowned the area. Surprisingly, the Lomandra seedlings we planted then have thrived!   We’ve learnt our lesson, so today, we’ll be planting another 100 of those lovely tough plants as well as some Poa tussock grass and shrubs. We’ll also direct sow wattles.

We’ll also be planting into the opposite side of the creek in another low-lying, swampy area along Campbells Creek.  

While not as impressive as the upper, 'Lewis' Swamp, this area is the location of an earlier version of the watercourse and has mature river red gums.  Because of that and its situation adjacent to permanent water, it has great potential as a wetland habitat.  We've been working for several years to reduce the weed proliferation here and there are thousands of Poa tussock grasses that we established after the 2010-11 floods. 

We'll be planting some of the more robust plants here that can cope with the conditions.  They are listed here with links to photos.    

We hope you can come along and help us transform this place into a much more beautiful wetland and platypus habitat.     

Meet at 10:00 a.m. at the footbridge 350 m downstream (south) from the Lewis Drive, Castlemaine carpark.

You can also get there from the top of Honeycomb Road, Campbells Creek from where it’s 730 m along the trail to the footbridge.

We'll finish with a late morning tea at noon.

Please bring: Gloves, hats, sturdy clothing & footwear, protection suitable for the weather, and your own water. We’ll supply the rest - hope to see you there.

Our event is here

Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group