Clean up old fencing hazards


Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group


Come along to help remove obsolete fencing and make the public land along the creek safer and easier to access.

To prepare the way for remedying the gap in our trail, we’ll be pulling down two fences that restrict access to the creek-side public land just north of Princess Street. The fences were installed during the era of livestock grazing but are now both obsolete.

There’s a:

1. Derelict one with barbed wire (bad for wildlife and people) here on the left bank of the creek.

2. Plain wire fence here on the right bank of the creek.

Both have materials we’ll salvage for re-use elsewhere. The barbed wire will go to the tip for recycling unless anyone wants it.

If we have time, we will also view the progress of our 2011 plantings along Ranters Gully and cut and herbicide paint any regenerating English Broom, Gorse and Blackberry (all weeds of national significance and declared noxious).

We’ll meet on the un-named street informally known as ‘J Street’. It’s the unmade public road on the west side of the creek just next to the Princess Street bridge over the creek (and opposite the gateway leading to the southern section of our trail).

Please bring your own drinking water, wear gloves and suitable outdoor footwear and clothing for the day and if you can, wire cutters or pliers. We’ll supply the rest, including late morning tea refreshments.

Hope to see you there.

Our event is here

Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group