Re-establishing a threatened species of Grevillea


Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group


Help us establish another viable population of Goldfields Grevillea!

Wattle Flat Forest (west of Barkers Creek) is the only place in Mount Alexander Shire with a natural population of Goldfields Grevillea (Grevillea dryophylla).  This means it's vulnerable to wildfire and other threats.

For the last five years or so we've been experimenting with re-establishing this plant here at Campbells Creek.  Not only have plants survived, they have set seed and recruited a second generation!

By creating another larger population at Campbells Creek, we'll help ensure it has a better chance of surviving in the Shire and make the creekside area better quality habitat (the flowers attract honeyeaters and other nectar feeding animals).

Meet at the north end of Honeycomb Road for a 10:00 AM start. We'll be direct sowing the seeds of this interesting plant plus some other wildflowers that are doing well in this area, including Leucochrysum albicans, Wahlenbergia multicaulis and Xerochrysum viscosum

We'll provide a (late) morning tea around midday.

Wear sturdy clothing suitable for the weather on the day, hat and gloves. Bring your own water and if you can, a metal toothed rake or similar implement. We'll supply the rest.

Hope to see you there.


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Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group