Spear grass valley


Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group


Helping our restoration of Honeycomb Bushland Reserve.

Let's stop gorse setting any seed in spear grass valley!

This whole valley was  heavily infested with gorse until council slashed the plants back to ground level a few years ago. Opening the area up has allowed prolific regeneration of native grasses and we’ve had good success with direct sown wattles. 

The slashing didn't kill the gorse and despite follow up work, there is still quite a few present.

It’s near the end of the flowering season for gorse and it takes very little time for them to produce viable seed. Work now will prevent them shedding more.

If we run out of gorse (very unlikely!) now is also a good time to hunt down and hoe out bridal creeper (both it and gorse are weeds of national significance).

  Meet at Honeycomb Bushland Reserve parking area (the northern end of Honeycomb Road) for a 10:00 a.m. start. We’ll end at 12.00 noon.

Wear sturdy clothing and footwear suitable for the weather and hat. Gloves—preferably leather—will be needed to protect you against the gorse prickles

Bring your own drinking water and any snacks.  Sorry, CoVID regulations prevent food sharing.

We’ll supply tools, but if you can bring your own mattock and loppers, that would help greatly.

Hope to see you there!

Our event is here

Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group