Three courses at Honeycomb Bushland Reserve!


Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group


This is our first chance to get out into the open air, get some exercise, and improve our environment since the CoVID 19 lock down.

For starters we’ll take a quick peek at our wildflower demonstration area along the trail.

The main course will be hoeing out Bridal Creeper. Like Gorse, Blackberry and African Boneseed all of which also occur within Honeycomb Bushland Reserve, it’s a Weed of National Significance. We’ve just about eradicated Bridal Creeper from the adjoining public land where it was once very dense. With a few more years of follow up, we should be able to do the same within this reserve that is owned by Mount Alexander Shire Council and Coliban Water.

Our dessert will be taking a tour of the areas direct sown to wattles and other legumes and we’ll finish off by walking back through the area we planted last winter with Eucalypts to check on their progress and fix any toppled tree guards.

  Meet at Honeycomb Bushland Reserve parking area (the northern end of Honeycomb Road) for a 10:00 a.m. start. We’ll end at 12.00 noon. 

  We’ll supply pre-sanitised tools, but if you can bring your own mattock, pick or similar tool, that would help greatly. 

  Some of the ground we’ll be traversing is uneven. 

  Coronavirus protocols: 

The following provisions are for the protection of attendees, and to ensure our volunteers are covered by insurance.

• Please don't attend with young children.

• Hand sanitisers will be available.

• Social distancing: numbers will be limited to 20, and volunteers will maintain a 1.5 metres separation.

• There will be no sharing of equipment, including tools, gloves and sign-on sheets. Bring your own equipment, or use our pre-sanitised equipment, and then maintain exclusive use of those for the morning.

• Unfortunately we will not provide our usual shared morning tea. If needed, please bring your own drinks and snacks.

• We will make sure we have a record of everyone who has attended and their contact information if follow-up is needed.

Do NOT attend if you are feeling unwell, if you have concerns about your own health or that of vulnerable people you are close to, if you have been in contact with known sufferers or recently (<14 days) arrived from area known to have sufferers.

• If you become concerned about your health in the days following the activity, let us know so that others can be alerted.

• Plans may need to be reviewed and changed at short notice, depending on changing advice.

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Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group