Ongoing every Friday morning, commencing January, mini working bees



27 Pyke Street, Quarry Hill, Vic, 3550



Vyonne Maree McLelland-Howe

We, the Committee, invite anyone to attend at Riley Street Natural Reserve (meet at the gate) Friday mornings, commencing 9am on 6 January 2023 for an hour for a mini working bee.

We have decided to hold regular one hour mini working bees and undertake weed removal, guard removal, rubbish collecting, bird monitoring, seed collecting, touring the site, sharing ideas. Working bees will take place every Friday morning, commencing January 6th 2023 from 9am for an hour or so. We are trying to do our bit to protect the reserve from fire this season and the adjacent neighbours. None of us want to see a repeat of the fires that destroyed a big area of the reserve in 2019. We welcome all members and any new people to attend, there will always be at least one member of the Committee there. Bring gloves, good footwear, hat, sunscreen and water. Some tools will be available.

Our event is here

27 Pyke Street, Quarry Hill, Vic, 3550