Northern United Forestry Group

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Our purpose

Northern United Forestry Group (NUFG) is a community group working to establish low-rainfall farm forestry as a commercially viable agricultural enterprise that provides forest products, environmental services and community benefits, as a component of sustainable farming systems.


Robyn McKay

Regions we're part of

Region 1
North Central

This group is part of

LVI: Landcare Victoria Inc
Loddon Plains Landcare Network

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events.

Past events

Group event Event ended 27 Sep 2010

Last Child in the Woods Children's Nature Activity

Part of the Loddon Shire "Naturally Loddon - Wonderland in Spring" festival, the Northern United Forestry Group's event encourages people...

Group event Event ended 5 Sep 2010

Loddon Plains Landcare Network Planting Day

The Loddon Plains Landcare Network has organised a tree planting day at four sites, from Wedderburn to Durham Ox.

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