This group is centred on the Lockwood/Lockwood South area and includes Lockwood South State Forest, Shelbourne Nature Conservation Reserve Forest, Bullock & Spring Creek waterways and surrounding areas
We meet from February to November on every second Tuesday of the month at the Lockwood South Primary School, Alt Calder Hwy Lockwood South, at 7.30pm,
We welcome visitors and new members are always happy to provide native plants lists suitable for local conditions, information about local wildlife and their habitat, control of pest plant and animals and currently active projects.

We include volunteer members working to build a cohesive, resilient, environmentally knowledgeable and socially active community
Bringing interested people together to learn about and improve our local environment and work towards a living landscape with healthy productive soils, healthy waterways, clean air and a diverse indigenous flora and fauna.
To assist in building local knowledge to enable the community to work towards the control of local pest plant and pest animals and increase local habitat for threatened and endangered indigenous flora and fauna.