This project is live

Doggett’s Bridge is a site that the Deep Creek Landcare Group has been working on since the group’s beginning.
Deep Creek Landcare Group was one of the earliest groups formed and as such this site is one of the earliest worked on.
It has taken many years for this exposed and degraded site to be established and in more recent years it has improved significantly. Tree growth has improved and the Deep Creek Landcare Group is attempting to increase species diversity. This includes the planting of a threatened species Dianella amoena. Also, nest boxes have been put up and monitoring has shown birds and sugar gliders reside in this area. A recent bird survey in conjunction with Macedon Ranges Shire Council has shown a quite diverse bird population. This site is an important waterway protector, which is particularly important as it is an identified site for the threatened Yarra Pygmy Perch and it has high cultural significance. The aim is to make this area a waterway corridor and to align with the Macedon Ranges Shire biodiversity strategy.