Seed collection workshop



The Village Common - Balnarring (next to the Balnarring Hall)




Seed Collection Workshop, hosted by Merricks Coolart Landcare Group, led by Rohan Cumings Peninsula Bushworks Nursery.

Join Merricks Coolart Landcare Group and Rohan Cumings to learn about native seed collection. The workshop will be held on site at the Balnarring to Bay BioLink, Section A site. The purpose of the workshop is to learn how to collect seed on this site for propagation of plants for the revegetation of the area.

  The workshop will look at:  

• Existing vegetation quality, including level of weed invasion, level of indigenous species present and quality of vegetation present.

• The 3 R's, retention, restoration and rehabilitation, what can we do in each category.

• Determine species to be planted, and relevant EVC's.

• How to maintain wildlife habitat refuges in area

• Collecting seed - provenance, finding suitable seeds, life cycle of eucalyptus, genetic diversity, record keeping, indicators of seed maturity, seed viability, collection methods.

• Seed extraction, cleaning and storage methods and finally

• Propagation methods

Our event is here

The Village Common - Balnarring (next to the Balnarring Hall)