Land management information session for new, absentee and small-acreage landholders



96-100 Main Street, Romsey, Victoria



John Robinson

If you’re new to rural living, own a small hobby farm, or have plans for your rural land that is currently vacant, then you will be interested in an upcoming free land management information session, which has been organised by the Upper Deep Creek Landcare Network, in partnership with Macedon Ranges Shire.

The land management information session will be held on  Saturday 22 April 2017, from 9am to 1:30pm at the Romsey Community Hub, 96–100 Main Street, Romsey. A light lunch will be provided.  

Interested parties need to RSVP by Wednesday 19 April online via

This half-day  information session will provide new, absentee and small-acreage land owners with an introduction on better management of  small rural properties. The session will cover a range of land management issues (and solutions) so that land owners can put in place strategies to better manage their properties. Taking timely land management action now will save money, time and effort later on and can make rural living more enjoyable.

There’s lots to learn about how to manage rural land. At the information session a wide range of speakers will present on topics including: livestock management and animal welfare; ensuring there is enough feed for livestock; pastures and healthy soils; controlling weeds and pest animals; waterways and farm water supplies; revegetation; fencing; limiting chemical use; infrastructure needs; and opportunities for niche horticultural farming enterprises. Attendees will learn how to design a low-input (i.e. in terms of labour and capital) farming enterprise while improving the environmental, biodiversity and aesthetic values of a property. They will also learn about their responsibilities of landholders, along with opportunities to get involved in Landcare and farming mentor programs. At the end of the session there will be a panel discussion when questions can be asked of the presenters.

Managing a rural property comes with responsibilities that can seem challenging. This information session aims to ensure that natural resource management issues become a core consideration when planning and making decisions about a rural property.

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96-100 Main Street, Romsey, Victoria