Healthy Land, Healthy Horses



Christmas Hills, Victoria

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Tina Keene

Stuart Myers of Equiculture talks to us about ...Healthy land leads to healthy horses

The environment in which horses live greatly affects their health and well being. This workshop shows you how you can keep your horses healthy and happy and take good care of the land that they live on. In order to do this you need to learn about much more than just pasture management. You can enhance the wider environment so that your horses and your land (whether you own it or not) are part of the solution (to problems such as soil loss, pollution, wildlife issues etc.) rather than part of the problem.

We will cover:

- Managing your horses and the land that they live on

- Allowing your horses to carry out more of their natural behaviours. 

- How increasing their daily movement can reduce their potential for obesity      related conditions such as Laminitis. 

- How to improve your land management - an issue for land owners and    people who pay to keep their horses  on someone else's land alike. 

- How to reduce the potential for injury (horses and  people). 

- Learning that you can reduce your feed bills

- How you can reduce your labour so that you have more ‘quality time’ with  your horses. 

- Avoiding spending money on the wrong facilities

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Christmas Hills, Victoria