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Everyone in our Landcare area, Buln Buln, Shady Creek, Nilma, Darnum, Rokeby and Crossover is invited to complete the attached survey in July and early August 2015.



are invited to complete our Community Landcare survey.

Springsure Hill Landcare Group covers Nilma, Darnum, Shady Creek, Buln Buln, Rokeby, Crossover.

Your group is currently reviewing its activities,

seeking ideas for the future,

and assessing the strength of local support for Landcare programs and the existence of a Group.

We will really appreciate your time and effort.

Please return the copy on your newsletter to Eric Smith, President, Springsure Hill Landcare Group

2145 Old Sale Road, Shady Creek.  3821

or download the survey in the newsletter section of this webpage,  then fill it in and send it back by email to 

BY   16   AUGUST  2015    PLEASE