Autumn Rabbit Blitz, 2018 - Sunday afternoon -NOW at Hazelwood Cemetery


Hazelwood Cemetery, Yinnar Road, Yinnar VIC



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There weren't any rabbits at the Rec Reserve at twilight last night, but they are everywhere at the Cemetery - so we're going back there for the Sunday afternoon rabbit blitz session.

Th Rec. reserve rabbit problem comes and goes. The Cemetery has a constant and difficult to manage problem withh them. So our Sunday afternoon rabbit blitz session will be there instead.

Sporting ovals and events and rabbit holes are a really bad look. You should be able to enjoy a game without following Alice in Wonderland down a rabbit hole!The rabbits at the Rec. Reserve live under the buildings or under the cypress trees or jump in from neighbouring properties.We hope to help the Rec. Reserve with actions and strategies for removing rabbits from a public place without risking harm to humans or dogsYou can book for this event on

Our event is here

Hazelwood Cemetery, Yinnar Road, Yinnar VIC