Direct Seeding Field Day in Morwell National Park



Junction Road Car Park, Morwell National Park Junction Road Jeeralang Junction


The Friends of Morwell National Park will host this event which aims to trial direct seeding as a method to revegetate Blue Gum Hill. We'll be using seed collected in the park.
Expect to walk several kilometres to a steep site within the Park.
Activities will include scalping the soil with hand tools and broadcasting seeding mixes.

Our Landcare Group's current re-veg project is only a few hundred metres upstream along Billy's Creek from the Morwell National Park boundary. We have partnered with Friends of Morwell National Park to run a direct seeding demonstration / trial inside the park where the results will be easier to monitor that they would on our block.

Much of the Billy's Creek section of Morwell National Park was once farmland. It was planted to locally indigenous vegetation by volunteers from about 1980 on, and the early plantings are now forest that supports a wide range of native fauna.

Blue Gum Hill is an area that hasn't yet had enough native vegetation planted, so we plan to tackle that with this activity.

There is a lot of left over seed from previous re-veg work that was collected inside the park, and we'll be using this plus some recent collections for this direct seeding trial.

Volunteers are welcome. You need to wear stout footwear and clothing to suit the forecast weather conditions and bring your drinks, snacks and lunch. Hand tools for scalping the soil will be useful - hoes and mattocks will probably do the best job.

Our event is here

Junction Road Car Park, Morwell National Park Junction Road Jeeralang Junction