Expert-led seed collection Event #1: site inspection



cnr Gilbert's Rd and Whitelaw's Track, Yinnar South


The first step in any revegetation project is to assess the site and see which species grow naturally in there or at similar sites in the area.

Our group has a project to re-vegetate a site at Yinnar South by direct seeding an area that is currently pasture.

Jenny Wolswinkel from Seeds of GippslandĀ  will lead a site visit to see what plants will suit the site and what remnant vegetation remains. The site is fire affected so, if time permits, we'll also have a look at some nearby unburnt areas to identify plant species growing in the area.

This site is the side of a steep gully, so plants selected will vary according to their position on the slope.Jenny will be collecting seed for this site over summer. Our group is also collecting seed for this and our other revegetation projects.

We expect this activity to take up to two hours.

If the fire danger is listed at etreme or above, it won't go ahead as a group event.

Our event is here

cnr Gilbert's Rd and Whitelaw's Track, Yinnar South