Pollinator Link March site survey: spotlighting and moths



Former Hazelwood Pondage Caravan Park, Lot 1 Yinnar Rd Hazelwood



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Moths, Gliders, Possums, maybe bats all fly around at night. We will see what's there in the way of moths and what other critters we can spot nearby.

Over the next few years our group plans to plant patches of plants that benefit native pollinators. (insects, birds, and, if we're lucky, small possums and gliders) between the Yinnar township and the Hazelwood Cemetery.

For our March 10 event, we'll have a look at the things that come out at night, especially moths, as these are important pollinators for our native flowering plants.

Please wear clothing to suit the weather conditions; footwear that will let you walk in rough areas; bring gloves and most importantly, bring a torch. A chair will also be useful to you. 

If you have binoculars, these could also be helpful.

We plan to visit the site to record what we see on the 10th of every month. Last month we looked at plants and identified a few of the Eucalypts. If you can't make it this time, there's a chance to set a diary date to come and look at something  on another occasion. 

NOTE: If the weather is very wet or windy, we won't be doing this, but may do something else at the site during the day.

Our event is here

Former Hazelwood Pondage Caravan Park, Lot 1 Yinnar Rd Hazelwood