Pollinator Picnic and Plant Pot Wash Up



Jeeralang North Hall, Jeeralang North Road, Jeeralang VIC




We'll be disinfecting and washing up our used plant tubes ready for next year and celebrating National Pollinator Week by looking for native pollinators on flowering plants around the Hall.

To check out insect abundance and variety we choose a flowering plant to watch and see how many insects visit over a ten minute period. A [small] camera or phone is helpful to watch with so that insects can be looked at later. There'll be people on hand to help identify plants. 

Pollinators may be any insect that goes from one flower to another. They include flies, ants, wasps, European Honey Bees, native bees, ladybirds, butterflies moths and more. Birds, Bats, Possums and Gliders also pollinate plants.

There's more information about Pollinator Week on this link.


Pollinator guides will be available at a cost of $4 and we'll have a range of other publications free or for sale at cost price.

Our event is here

Jeeralang North Hall, Jeeralang North Road, Jeeralang VIC